About St. John's Church

Saint John the Evangelist Parish

The world has turned many times since September 29, 1946 when our church was dedicated. More souls than can easily be counted have ministered and been ministered to at St. John’s. Since the community is still growing, I’m sure the decades to come will see even more call this parish their faith family, their spiritual home.

Anniversaries are occasions for looking back and taking deep satisfaction in the memories of happy time; for reminiscing gratefully over the benefits received through the sacrifices of others. I’m indebted to the dedication of the many priests and sisters who preceded us at St. John’s. Many of you know better than we the spirit of determination that established the parish and we’re happy to have many founding families still with us.

True gratitude for the past now calls us to work together to keep alive and to hand on the wonderful spirit of the past. An appreciation of what the Lord has done for us as individuals and as a parish will surely move us to provide for the generations to come. Our concerns must always be for an ongoing raising of the spiritual edifice-built by our prayers, our commitment to the Lord’s work and our Christian concern for one another.

We are a small part of our diocese and a minute portion of the universal church but our baptism calls us to greatness in witness and service. May the Lord who knows, who loves, who cares, strengthen our faith, brighten our hope and broaden and deepen our love.